Northern Virginia Magazine’s “Best Musicians” touring through North Carolina and Ohio in October 2011

The acoustic indie-rock band that has taken the east coast by storm, fronted by singer/songwriter Keith Center– The Dreamscapes Project – will be performing at Zakk’s Coffeehouse in Murfreesboro, North Carolina on Saturday, October 8th, and again on October 21st in Cleveland, Ohio at Wilbert’s Music.

Readers of Northern Virginia Magazine voted The Dreamscapes Project the “Best Musicians in Northern Virginia” in 2010 and 2011. Billboard.com and VH1.com have compared their sound to The Arcade Fire, Decemberists, Murder by Death, and Dave Matthews. The band’s devoted fan-base continues to support a brand of music and showmanship that is all their own, with the Washington Post noting they have “…built up one of the most loyal followings of any group on the local club circuit.”  The Dreamscapes Project is currently #1 on the Washington DC indie charts on ReverbNation.com, and #23 in the nation.

Fronted by 12-string acoustic guitar and cello, the addition of melodic bass grooves and world percussion makes it a struggle to define a genre narrower than “acoustic”. Undaunted, the Scapes coined the name “folk-core” and have gone on to be called “…one of the most innovative bands to come out of the East Coast in the last decade.” (Jim M., CWG Magazine).

The Dreamscapes Project has performed hundreds of times throughout 9 states including Virginia, North Carolina, New York City, and Ohio.

If you live in North Carolina, you can catch them live on October 8th at Zakk’s Coffeehouse (341 East Main Street), the premiere, laid-back style coffee and concert-hall venue. The show is free and open to all ages.

Or if you’re further inland in the Cleveland, Ohio area, mark your calendar for October 22nd and head to Wilbert’s Music (812 Huron Avenue)  – Cleveland’s premiere “roots” music venue, which owner Mike Miller boasts more than a dozen of 2010’s Emmy Winners have played on its stage.

Log on to TheDreamscapesProject.com, or find them on Facebook for more information. For media inquiries, please contact Bethany Moore via email at Bethany.aradia@gmail.com.

Catch ‘ The Dreamscapes Project’…

Saturday, October 8th, 2011  at Zakk’s Coffeehouse341 East Main Street-  zakkscoffeehouse@yahoo.com

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 at Wilbert’s Music — 816 Huron Avenue –  www.wilbertsmusic.com


As the sweet days of summer begin to turn a corner toward cooler fall weather, I find myself taking a deep breath and swinging my legs off the proverbial hammock to get focused on projects for the remainder of 2011. Compared to the spring and early summer of this year, August has been a much slower month for me as far as events and activities go, and I sure did need the break!

Though I have been taking it easy, it hasn’t been all R&R ’round here. I’ve taken up membership to the gym and started a new fitness routine that keeps me burning calories almost every day of the week, in addition to cutting calories and being more conscious overall of my health. I’ve also achieved some Feng Shui in my home office area by rearranging my file cabinets and desk area to create more balance and functionality in getting things done. It’s all about streamlining and improvement, which is a fantastic direction to head in for finishing up a successful year. I’m looking for even more ways to make my life easier, better, and more efficient.

As I reflect on these ideas, I can’t help but be appreciative for having such smart and forward-thinking clients to work with, like Tom Cox, who provides consulting to businesses who want to improve their processes and systems, as well as their management techniques. My work for Tom includes some PR, some audio work, and some support for the book he’s writing about how CEO’s should praise their employees. I appreciate Tom’s mission to provide positive support for business owners who now have higher profits and happier employees.

Tom’s recent blog contribution to Oregon Business online was published earlier this month and immediately got very supportive responses because it addresses an issue that staff at every level of a business can relate to: “How to get the most out of meetings (by Tom Cox)“.  Tom included a quote by genius Albert Einstein at the very end of his article that I absolutely enjoy: “If I had one hour to save the world, I would spend 55 minutes defining the problem.” I encourage you to read the whole article and reap the benefits of his wisdom.

Another great client I recently picked up is Lisa Zaslow of Gotham Organizers who was named one of New York’s top professional organizers by The New York Sun newspaper, and is regularly featured in magazines such as Real Simple and Good Housekeeping. I was fortunate to connect with Lisa when I heard that she needed some quick help cleaning up an audio file recorded from one of her lectures, and I was happy to oblige her request. She’s now able to offer the lecture as an MP3 file to her clients. Lisa’s keen insight into organizing any kind of space, from kitchens and living rooms, to desks and office spaces, has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses save time, space, money and effort.

While others pay hundreds of dollars for her services, you can download her e-book, “Can’t I Just Shred It All? 101 Quick Tips to File—and Find—Your Important Papers” for just $27.00 (for a limited time) through the website 101filingtips.com. “Whether I’m working with someone in their home or office, papers are the hardest thing for people to deal with, so I wrote that e-book to walk people through the process of organizing papers and give them all my best tips,” said Lisa.

I’ve certainly been putting her tips and tricks to good use as I continue streamlining my own filing system in my home office. Purging unnecessary papers and, let’s face it, CRAP, is an ongoing process, but feels so good to whittle down to what’s actually utilized and needed. Lisa also shared her favorite quote by Steven Wright with me which puts it perfectly and simply: “You can’t have everything. Where would you put it?” Be sure to connect with Gotham Organizers on Facebook!

I was also able to work with my friend Tyler Bel and her newly-launched lifestyle consulting business: There Is No Sky. I gladly helped her create her company’s business plan, which is an incredibly useful document for her and her partner as they expand to include more clients and investors. A business plan is a solid foundation for any business, whether you’re still in the planning phase of your business, or if you’ve just recently launched and want a definitive document to keep you on-track and focused on heading in the right direction as you go forward.

Her business, based here in Portland, Oregon, is designed to assist clients with needs ranging from social connections and networking, to publicity and marketing. If you need someone to help you “connect the dots” in your world, Tyler and her team will help you realize your dreams.

As the month of August wraps up, I look forward to a productive and organized fall season, which will likely bring on many changes and challenges. Having solid systems and methods in place for keeping on track will certainly reduce my stress levels and increase productivity. I have quite a few personal projects on my plate that I look forward to completing, including two books of poetry and a fiction novel, even as I plan my return to the world of non-profit communications and project management in my job search.

Many thanks to all of my friends, clients, and readers out there who support and believe in the work being done here to not only make the world a “better place”, but also a more efficient and productive place to learn and grow.

Many Blessings,


A review of the 2011 GEAR Con fashion show with designer Laura Hagen’s ‘Taken By The Sky’ collection.

Today, the 2011 Portland GEAR (Gaslight Explorers, Adventurers and Romantics) Con wraps up its three-day weekend affair at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Portland. More than 100 guests participated in workshops, enjoyed musical and side-show circus performances by regional talent such as Vagabond Opera and Wanderlust Circus, shopped at fascinating vendor tables, and enjoyed lectures by local experts and authors. I was tapped earlier this year to coordinate the Gear Con fashion show, held on Saturday afternoon in the hotel’s ballroom.   

The event kicked off with an “all-comer’s” showcase where more than a dozen conference guests were invited to flaunt their own costumes and wardrobe on the runway, showing off pieces they had created themselves or otherwise put together through vintage findings. As MC, I provided introductions and descriptions provided by the participants while playing lively jazz selections.

Fashion designer Laura Hagen proudly presented her fashionable ‘Taken By The Sky‘ collection of enchanting women’s costumes, corsets and ballgowns. Laura’s collection is strongly influenced by not only Victorian and Scottish elements, but also a myriad of pleasing color combinations such as bright turquoise with purple, and vibrant teal with pale yellow, in addition to more formal autumn tones such as burgundy, gold, and black. Avery Milieu’s fine millinery hats were also showcased with the models’ outfits, as well as Heather Teakell’s “Kricket’s Creation” line.

Lively, sparkling models of all shapes and personalities swayed gracefully down the ballroom’s runway, many finding opportunities to interact theatrically with the audience along the way. I was honored to provide music for the show ranging from tribal Middle Eastern selections by Niyaz and Celtic folk siren Loreena McKennitt, to swingy jazz songs by classic musicians such as Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee and Cab Calloway.

Various photographers captured stunning photos of each outfit. Photographer Melissa Toledo was among them, and you can peruse her photos directly on her website at this link.

Next year’s Portland Gear Con will undoubtedly be an even bigger affair, with the intentions of including menswear into the show. Pre-Registration for the soon-to-be scheduled 2012 Portland Gear Con is currently offered at a generous discount. Please email admin@pdxgearcon.com for more information.

written by Bethany Moore 


July 12th, 2011

The Rose City Steampunk Film Festival presents…

Portland‘s Gaslight Explorers, Adventurers, & Romantics Convention

(Portland GEAR Con)


A celebration of steampunk and neo-Victoriana in the Pacific Northwest

Portland’s Gaslight Explorers, Adventurers, & Romantics Convention is a celebration of Steampunk and neo-Victoriana in the Pacific Northwest, taking place over three days in Portland, Oregon. Members of the public can register to meet fellow enthusiasts, attend presentations and workshops, meet authors and other steampunk community luminaries, shop for costumes and other goods, enjoy musical and variety performances, and much more.

Portland Gear Con

Crowne Plaza Portland (1441 NE 2nd Avenue. Portland, OR 97232)

July 22nd-24th

Registration and Info:  http://pdxgearcon.com

Adults and teenagers 14+ register for all three days of Portland GEAR Con by paying the PayPal button on our registration page, signifying that they have read and agreed to our convention policies and code of conduct.




With appearances from our honored guests

Meljean Brook, M.K. Hobson, Andrew Mayer, Noah Mickens,

DevonMonk, Cherie Priest

Irene Radford, Professor DR Schreiber, and Shanna Germain

Join us on Saturday July 23rd at 3:00pm for a Steampunk Fashion Show.

Featured Designer:  ‘TAKEN BY THE SKY’, collections by Laura Hagen

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a retro-futuristic subgenre of speculative fiction, set in or thematically referring to an alternate Victorian period during which the technologies of the Industrial Revolution achieve fantastic sophistication and power. It is also an aesthetic inspired by said literary phenomenon, expressed in art, fashion, music, motion pictures, handcrafts, and other media. The name was coined as a tongue-in-cheek reference to Cyberpunk, another science fiction subgenre.


Robin Jackson
Bethany Moore

Producer Jillian Rabe advises on how to run a great fashion show

by Bethany Moore


One of the many industries bursting forth from the Pacific Northwest is the budding fashion industry. Portland, Oregon is not only becoming known for forward-thinking energy-efficient technology practices, but also unique clothing designs from cutting edge fashion designers (see Project Runway) that embrace the concept of sustainability and local business growth.

I recently sat down with an event and fashion show planner to pick her brain about how to coordinate a successful fashion show. For event producer Jillian Rabe, coordinating regionally-supportive events such as fashion shows is her bread and butter of an emerging culture and lifestyle.

Later this month, I will be assisting with the very theme-specific fashion show scheduled to be held during the very first Steampunk Portland Gear Con (Portland’s Gaslight Explorers, Adventurers, & Romantics Convention) to be held in Portland during July 22-24. Though I’ve been involved in fashion shows for the last couple of years as public relations and marketing support, I sought to gain as much wisdom as possible as I began this complex effort for the 2011 Gear Con. After being charged with this mission, I thought it wise to consult with Ms. Rabe in order to enhance and empower my techniques as I approached this very niche-culture event.

Jillian owns and operates her company Jillian Rabe LLC. Her background is in event planning and fashion modeling. She began her career in 2008 in supportive roles ranging from house manager, backstage manager, model, and producer, in addition to managing castings, bookings, vendors, fittings, rehearsal, choreography, hair and make-up, and just about everything in-between. She continues to grow as a fashion show producer, assisting clients with overseeing and managing all processes of fashion events. “The projects most exciting to me are when I get to work with my teams creatively and fully to tell the story of the client or designer I am producing for” says Jillian. “Getting to connect with their line, brand, or message and then work with the professional vendors on my staff to create an audience experience that has a start, middle and end – telling a complete story is the most exciting and best part of what I get to do.

Jillian’s top three pieces of advice for producing fashion shows are reassuringly practical and cool-headed. The first is to know your goal or desired end result before going into the production. Sounds easy enough, right? I’m a huge supporter of putting things down in writing and reports for solid organization practices. Putting your event’s ultimate goal down in writing will help you keep focused during the entire process of planning and execution. Her second piece of advice is to always keep your audience’s perspective in mind. We can judge the success of our events based on many factors, including how the designers and sponsors envision their payback from participation, but also understanding the demographics and expectations of the audience is also crucial for producing a fashion event that will be entertaining and compelling. Her third piece of advice is to find a state of empowered Zen while maintaining continuous control. “Don’t forget to breathe whenever things seem to be getting busier than you think you can handle. You can do it – just keep a calm head on your shoulders.

It’s important to plan for success by being prepared for challenges or obstacles. Jillian’s experience reveals some common frustrations you may come across when coordinating an event. Firstly, if you have several fashion designers that are “sharing” models for the show, each designer may have conflicting views of what each model’s hair and make-up should look like to complement their clothing designs. Considering this hair and make-up process can take up to several hours to complete, it is usually not an option to do any hair or make-up changes to models as they switch outfits from designer to designer during the show. “The solution for this is to meet with your designers ahead of time to discuss everyone’s expectations.” This takes the guess-work and last-minute arguments out of the picture by having an established protocol for all hair and make-up plans for the show.

After putting models through several hours of grueling hair and make-up, they will get hungry! Jillian suggests good planning for this problem by having nutritious snacks on-site for models to munch on, including fruit, veggies, and lean protein. This will keep your models energized and fresh for their march down the runway.

Another frustration for both producers and audience members are when shows don’t start on time. I have been to both fashion and music shows that boast a start time of 8:00pm, but nothing happens until 8:45pm, leaving everyone antsy and impatient. Jillian’s solution to this is to “plan accordingly and tactfully with your crews to allow for the show to start on time. Think strategically and empathetically and don’t waste people’s time.

I asked Jillian to share a story about a time when she produced a show but was met with unexpected frustrations. She described a communication snafu that was solved with near-hilarious creativity. “We put on a show one time where the models were coming in from two separate sides of backstage – far enough apart that we needed to have the team split into 2 sets of models, wardrobe stylists, and dressers. The 2 backstage managers were far enough apart that they couldn’t hear each other directly, but everyone was on radio head-sets, so we felt fine about that.” Jillian was working the front of the house with another assistant who was helping manage A/V cues. “At one point I realized that one of the backstage managers wasn’t able to hear me, which made me panic, but I soon realized that all the models were still entering the stage at exactly the right times! Thankfully, the show went off flawlessly, the models looked great, and the audience was stoked at the end of it.

So what really happened, and how did they handle it? The headset technology failed. One of the backstage managers could hear Jillian’s cues, but the other could not hear Jillian, nor could she hear the other backstage manager. A crucial lesson in adaptability is presented here when the one backstage manager who could hear Jillian’s voice decided to jump up and down and wave her hands around so the other manager knew to send the next model out. “20 models, 8 dressers, 2 stylists, and a whole lot of choreography, but no communication, and yet the show still happened on cue! I just hugged all the girls after the show and was so proud in that moment that I had a team of proactive problem-solvers who no matter what insanity sprung upon them at the last minute, were capable of making it happen.

As much as we’d like events of this nature to “just happen” in an organic and effortless way, much like inviting friends over for a party and just waiting for everyone to show up, it’s just not plausible when it comes to putting on a fashion show or other kind of performance. “Teamwork and communication, however creative it needs to be, is everything. When it comes to show time, you only get one shot. Sink or swim, you just have to have a team that makes it happen no matter what.

In summary, here are Jillian Rabe’s most helpful DO’s and DO NOT’s for coordinating a successful fashion show:


  • Do know your designer and their brand
  • Do know your audience
  • Do know that teamwork and good communication are your most valuable tools


  • Don’t forget to take care of your team and the people there to help you
  • Don’t lose sight of the big picture
  • Don’t give up

Special thanks to Ms. Jillian Rabe for sharing her advice and wisdom. As I prepare for the Gear Con 2011 fashion event, being held on Saturday, July 23rd in Portland, I will take her tips and stories to heart, and more importantly, I will BE PREPARED.

Jillian Rabe LLC is a full service project management and integrative production haus with national and international project histories and a primary focus on the local fashion community. To find out more about Jillian Rabe’s fashion show and special event services, please visit JillianRabe.com.

(c) Bethany Moore 2011

Earlier this month, I attended the Portland Mercury’s ‘Open Season’ fashion show as a writer for Fashion Fair PDX. If you couldn’t attend this event, take a moment to review my article titled ‘Most Wearable and Favorite Styles from OPEN SEASON‘.


photo by Michael Zaugg

From my bird’s-eye view from the balcony at Bossanova Ballroom, I counted at least 300 of Portland’s fashion-curious audience surrounding the runway by half past 8 o’clock. Last Friday was The Portland Mercury’s 7th annual Open Season fashion event, sponsored by Vitamin Water Zero. With so many talented designers showing on this year’s runway, this event offered viewers a strikingly beautiful fashion bouquet to kick off the spring season.

Here, I will highlight some of my favorite outfits from the show, and showcase the most wearable styles for the everyday fashionista.

If you’re a fan of casual, almost preppy Americana-themed fabrics, designer BRIDGE & BURN offers a snazzy long-sleeved, button-up tunic with grey vertical stripes that can be worn over jeans, leggings, or by itself as a dress. And the cute button-up shirt-dress is perfect for Sunday afternoons.

Click here to read the full article on Fashion Fair PDX. 

May Flowers

There’s plenty of activity exploding this Spring here in Portland, so I’d like to take a few moments to share some of the highlights with you.

Station9452.com — A new, locally produced and maintained online radio community has launched its new official website. You can log on to Station9452 at anytime to hear music streaming 24/7. With a host of new DJs taking the reigns at various times during the week, there’s always something fresh to hear. Please contact this community if you would like to get involved!

Fashion Fair PDX.com —  Fashion Fair PDX continues to expand as a valuable resource for Portland fashionistas who want to know what’s new, what’s happening, and what to wear. Check out my recent article written about the Portland Mercury’s 7th Annual Open Season fashion show!

Steampunk Gear Con — PDX Gear Con is revving up for a fantastic 3-day event this July for all those interested in this highly complex and imaginative culture. Tickets are available now. Stay tuned for more details, including that of a steampunk-themed fashion show, featuring costume and corset designer Laura Hagen’s ‘Taken By The Sky‘ collection.

With all these things blossoming this Spring, the Summer is sure to be an enjoyable one for all.

Please stay tuned as I continue to upgrade this website with more general information, more streamlining, and expansion of my professional services.

Please contact me if you have any questions!


Beatnik Betty